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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Segal, Samantha (I162)
2 Actual name was Ruth Eva per Heidi Rose Bourque Houdush, Ruth Eva (I333)
3 Actually died at the Royal Crest Estates in Andover, MA. Probably he was pronounced dead at a hospital in Lawrence MA.
Segal, Ben Zion (I143)
4 aka Louis Houdash. Leon spelled his surname as Houdush on all immigration forms.

Above information is per the form described below:
Leon and his brother Ben probably arrived together in New York. His Declaration of Intent (Police Court, Haverhill, MA, 1897-1906 Pet. No. 23 and 23A) states he arrived on August 19th, 1891 (slightly different than the information on Benjamin's form)

Leon was only 17 years old when he arrived in the US. He was naturalized on March 1, 1897SSN: 029-12-7881Leon and Sophie Houdush lived at 37 Pleasant, Beverly, MA from 1915 until 1952, when he died. His death certificate stated that his usual occupation was in real estate.
Houdush, Leon (I330)
5 Also called Janet, Jane. She and her brother Tom did not speak to each other.

Jean (Wolk) Simon volunteered much time to many organaizations. She was a life member or significant supporter of the following: Ladies Helping Hand Home for Jewish Children, Community Friends of Boston State Hospital, Boston Aid to the Blind, Inc., Aid to Muscular Dystrophy Research, Free Medical Association of Chelsea, Chelsea Jewish Nursing Home, and the New England Sinai Hospital. She was also a member of Hadassah.
Wolk, Jeanette (I53)
6 Also called Yidel. Kriedberg, Julius (I317)
7 Also known as Chaika.

She lived at 16 Estella for the 5 1/2 years preceding her death.
Ash, Ida (I66)
8 Also known as Srul' Shneer-Zel 'manov Shteisel

Death Certificate: Srul' Shneer-Zel'manov Shteisel

DEATH CERTIFICATE (translated from Russian document)

Given by the rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad that in the book of records
of Jews died in Elisavetgrad in 1899 the following act is written in the
male column under number 21: on February 4th of 1899 died in the city of
Elisavetgrad because of pneumonia a burgher of Bogopol Srul' Shneer-Zel'manov
Shteisel, 49 years old, and buried at the Jewish cemetery,
and this is verified by the signature and the official seal. The city of
Elisavetgrad, January 18 of 1906. This certificate is given for the
purpose of the military draft to be presented to the City Council of Bogopol.

The rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad

That the described above act of death is written in the metric book of Jews
died in the city of Elisavetgrad in 1899 under number 21 of the male column,
that is confirmed by the City Council of Elisavetgrad based on ch. 1086 v. IX
of state civic laws publ. in 1876 by the signature and the seal on January
(the date is omitted here) of 1906.

Interim Mayor of the city


Steichel, Israel (I65)
9 Arrived in Boston August 11, 1891
Primary Declaration of Intent Vol. 42 p124 states that he was a farmer. On his naturalization document, he is listed as a tailor. He was naturalized on May 15, 1896. Interestingly, one of the witnesses is Aaron Skirball.
Benjamin listed his address as 23 Medford St., Chelsea, MA on his Naturalization petition.
Houdush, Benjamin (I329)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F147
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Herman, Lee Whitney (I462)
12 Barry Zarakov has a middle name of Sandor, named after Alexander Utan, whose nickname was Sandor or Sander. Zarakov, Barry Neil Sandor (I9)
13 Bella remarried after her husband Harry Wolk died. This occurred while she was living with Walter and Selma. Bella did not know her mother's maiden name, he first name was Sarah per immigration documentation. These same documents state that Bella was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mindus, Bella (I49)
14 Beth Israel Cemetery Corporation (Everett, MA) said she died on May 17, 1949
Buried at Knights of Zaslav, Everett, MA

DOB from Petition for Naturalization (213427)
Declaration of Intent (274093) states she was born in Kiev
Naturalization certificate number: 4929817 or 1x50659
Date of Naturalization: January 14, 1938
Sheik, Sarah (I24)
15 Bill has two children, Robert Opie and Catherine Opie from a previous marriage.
Opie, Bill Montee (I14)
16 Birth information is derived from a German passport (a passport with German writing), that was issued in Vilna (German Occupied) on March 3, 1916.

These papers state that he is approximately 56 years old on March 3, 1916. His name is Slutsky on these papers. It is unknown if Slutsky and Utan are the same person. 
Utan, Moses (I16)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Barmash, Adam (I345)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Berly, Charlotte (I100)
19 Born in Poor oh neef kah, a small village.

Sarah Odesky's immigration papers list Morris' place of birth as Etesavegrad, Russia. She arrived on the SS Carmania on April 18, 1907 under the name Sure Sore Odesska in New York. The ship originated in Liverpool, England. Sarah became a citizen at the age of 61 on March 20, 1956.She states in her Alien Registration statement of facts document that the person in the United States that she was coming to was "Esther Odesky". On the ship with her, was her sister, Zisla Magrofsky.
Wellwood Cemetery, PO Box 340, Farmingdale NY 11735 according to Eugene Ash.

Naturalization certificate: 7516971, March 20, 1956
Petition Number 548238

Listed occupation is an " pants operator" and she was a member of the Local Amalgamated Clothing Workers.
Magrofsky, Sarah (I185)
20 Brother to William and Ida Berley.
Jewish name: Yehudi Labe ben Israel
Date of birth per immigration document.
Arrived in New York on or about July 18, 1892 when he was 16 years old.
Naturalized on October 20, 1902in a "Circuit Court of the US at Boston".
Address on this date: 140 Salem Street, Boston, MA.
Occupation: Confectioner
Had about 10 kids, Sadie, Celia(moved to CA and died in a fire in LA)
Ester's father's brother. May have been mad because Ester couldn't invite all of their family's kids to their or someone's wedding. Ester said only 5 could come. Louis and family then stopped talking to them.
Louis came through immigration in Providence, RI(per Peggy or Irwin, immigration documents state he came through New York). Louis lived in NY for a while?
Louis had a clothing factory. One of his partners took off with all the money. The partners somehow still remained friends years later per Irwin. Afterwards, Louis had a wholesale candy business, then real estate. Louis met his wife Rebecca at the clothing factory where she was a buttonhole maker.
Louis and Rebecca lived at 15 Tennis Road from approximately 1936 until 1956.

Other cousins that immigrated took the name of Berloy, per Irwin Berly and they mostly lived in New York. Irwin states that the name Berly was given them by an Uncle of Louis Berly who met them at immigration. The Berloy's are cousins of Louis Berly. Irwin mentioned two names, a Jack Berloy and a Morris Berloy, also a cousin name Abbie Berly and a Peter Berly. The area that Louis Berly came from in Russia is where the Bug River meets another river, about 60 miles from Odessa (BacHtoya??)
Berly, Louis (I88)
21 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Silverbush, Cara Suzanne (I549)
22 Date of marriage is later than birth of Sarah Berly.

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (transalted from the original Russian document)

Given by the rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad that in the book of records
of Jews wedded in Elisavetgrad in 1901 the following act is written in the
general column under number 2: on January 10th of 1901 a single member of the
army reserve from burghers of Bogopol Vol'ko Srulevich Shteisel, 28 years old,
married in the city of Elisavetgrad a maid Khasya, 20 years old, daughter of a
farmer from village Pokutina of Baltskii county Ios' Aronovich Assa,
and this is verified by the signature and the official seal. The city of
Elisavetgrad, January 17 of 1906. This certificate is given for the purpose of
the military draft to be presented to the City Council of Bogopol.

The rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad

That the described above act of marriage is written in the metric book of Jews
wedded in the city of Elisavetgrad in 1901 under number 2 of the general
column, that is confirmed by the City Council of Elisavetgrad based on
ch. 1086 v. IX of state civic laws publ. in 1876 by the signature and the seal
on January (the date is omitted here) of 1906.

Interim Mayor of the city


Family F10
Date: Friday, August 12, 1994 (Boston Globe)
Section: OBITUARY Page: 81

A funeral will be held today for Dr. David Lipofsky, 79, a general practitioner in Dorchester for more than 40 years, who died of cancer Wednesday in his retirement home in Orlando, Fla. Born in Boston, Dr. Lipofsky graduated from Boston University and the University of Kansas Medical School. After serving his residency at Ohio State Hospital, where he did research on epilepsy, he maintained a private practice on Gallivan Boulevard until his retirement in 1980. He also was a medical examiner for Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. A longtime resident of Newton, he moved to Orlando
in his retirement.

He leaves his wife, Mollie (Berly); three daughters, Adele Bastin of Altamonte Springs, Fla.,Lois Sbar of Flemington, N.J., and Linda of
Orlando, Fla; two sisters, Esther and Judith, both of Brookline; and six grandchildren.

The service will be at 1 P.M. in Levine Chapel in Brookline. Burial will be in Crawford Street Memorial Park in West Roxbury. 
Lipofsky, David (I70)
24 David Norman states that Barnet came from Manchester, England, but this may not be his birthplace. Norman, Barnet (I145)
25 Death Certificate Number 13695, Dept of Health, The City of New York, Borough of Manhattan. Zeichek, Dora (I490)
26 Declaration of Intent 65179
Petition for Naturalization ?
Certificate of Naturalization 1423444 May 7, 1920 
Berlly, Jacob (I493)
27 Died around 1916 on the Western Front, while in the Russian Army per Nettie Kibur.
Utan, Alexander (I19)
28 Died between 4-8 months after birth. Per Irwin Charles Berly,) Samuel almost bled to death after circumcision and never fully recovered after that event. 1902 is a birth date placeholder. Actual date of birth is unknown. Peggy (Paulina Berly) states that Samuel was the 3rd child of Louis and Rebecca. Berly, Samuel (I94)
29 DOB is from Ada Norman's petition for citizenship Norman, Edward (I147)
30 DOB is from Sarah's immigration papers.
Naturalized on February 23, 19944 (A-101673)
Russian name: Sore Schteisel

Sarah states in her immigration papers that her grandmother, Zlota Berly (Schteisel) also immigrated with them on the same ship. Molly Lipofsky, her sister, first became aware of the fact that Sarah was her sister, when Sarah played in a violin recital in 1914. (Molly's statement in support of Sarah's naturalization)

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Sarra (translated from Russian)

Given by the rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad that in the book of records
of Jews born in Elisavetgrad in 1901 the following act is written in the
female column under number 154: on December 25th of 1901 from a member of the
army reserve from burghers of Bogopol Vol'k Srulevich Shteisel and his lawful
wife Khaya Iosifovna a daughter was born in the city of Elisavetgrad and named
"Sarra", and this is verified by the signature and the official seal. The city
of Elisavetgrad, January 18 of 1906. This certificate is given for the purpose
of the military draft to be presented to the City Council of Bogopol.

The rabbi of the city of Elisavetgrad

That the described above act of birth is written in the metric book of Jews
born in the city of Elisavetgrad in 1901 under number 154 of the female
column, that is confirmed by the City Council of Elisavetgrad based on
ch. 1086 v. IX of state civic laws publ. in 1876 by the signature and the
seal on January (the date is omitted here) of 1906.

Interim Mayor of the city


Berly, Sarah (I6)
31 Double ceremony with Abe Levin and Mae Wolk.
Rabbi Meyer Rabinowitz 
Family F7
32 Drafted into Russian Army and survived (supposedly unusual if you are Jewish).
Info provided by Mollie
Emigrated to the US via Liverpool, England on the "Cretic". His last foreign address was Bogopoll, Russia. He arrived in Boston on or about July 1, 1904. His listed occupation on his immigration forms is "pressman"

Per Irwin Berly, William Berly's family had a bathroom off the kitchen (which made it warm) William and Louis' family lived in Boston or East Boston.
Death certificate states he was 51 when he died in 1929 making his birth year around 1878.
William was a fur cutter and was exposed to a lot of dust, later developed asthma and died doing some work in a basement. Louis Berly was called to get him when William had this asthma attack moving some ashes in a rental property they owned, but apparently William had already died when Louis got there. Peggy and Charlotte Berly state that his wife Ida brought a plumbers plunger instead of pulmonary aide to assist William in breathing.
Sarah Berly did not speak to Louis' family for 30 years or so, but did call Irwin Berly after Wilma married Saul Cooper. She called to see if Irwin could get Saul a job with the Army Corp of Engineers, which he did.

Address in 1929 was: 141 Harrishoff St. Boston, MA
Address of death was: 95 Harrishoff St., Boston, MA

William's Jewish name was Welvel Schteisel Naturalization cert. no. 267829, Petition no. 5408
Naturalized at U.S. District Court, Boston on Sept. 23, 1912
Berly, William (I63)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Norman, Eric (I262)
34 Eugene, his grandson, said he name was Joseph Ash,although Russian documents state his name is Aronovich Assa.
Assa, Aronovich (I136)
35 Existence is from oral statement from Eugene Ash. Kaminsky, Issac (I425)
36 Existence is from oral statement from Eugene Ash. Kaminsky, Jacob (I426)
37 Family stories state that Lena married a Polish army officer and was disowned by her parents (per Selma Utan, my mother) Utan, Lena (I20)
38 From the web page of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Bernard H. "Bernie" Brown
Vice President for Student Affairs

Bernie Brown, a tireless advocate for students and student life at WPI for nearly four decades, died July 12, 2004, after a short illness. Janet Begin Richardson, acting vice president for student affairs, who reported to Bernie for 24 years, described him as WPI's strongest supporter of students. "Bernie's friends knew him as a compassionate and supportive person with a great sense of humor," she said. "He shaped everything that is good about student life at WPI and influenced almost every campus program and activity during his 38-year career here with his classy, detail-oriented style."

Bernie joined WPI in 1966 as assistant dean of students. He was promoted to associate dean of students in 1971 and dean of students a decade later. In 1985, he was named vice president for student affairs, a post he held, with the exception for a two-year post as associate provost for student affairs, until his death. As vice president, Bernie oversaw the Division of Student Affairs, which consists of six departments: Undergraduate Admissions, the Career Development Center, Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Physical Education and Athletics, and Student Life. He also provided the vision for WPI's highly successful Campus Center, championed the elevation of men's and women's crew to varsity sports, was an advocate for women, international and underrepresented students, an enthusiastic fan of WPI's athletic teams, and the inspiration behind the soon-to-be-constructed admissions and financial aid building.

Bernie held a B.S. in sociology and an M.Ed. from Springfield College, along with an Advanced Professional Degree in Administration of Higher Education from the University of Connecticut. Before joining WPI, he served as a resident director at Northeastern University and administrative assistant to the dean of men at UConn. "Bernie Brown was a legendary figure in the development of WPI over the last four decades," noted Dennis Berkey, who joined WPI on July 1 as WPI's 15th president. "WPI's position as a great university is due in large part to the countless contributions Bernie made, in infectious spirit he brought to all he came in contact with, and the profound impact he had on students and campus life. This is a huge loss to the leadership of WPI."

Bernie Brown leaves his wife, Gayle, a son, two daughters, and a grandchild. At the request of the family, donations may be made in Bernie's memory to the WPI Crew Endowment Fund, c/o the Development Office, WPI, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA, 01609-2280.
From the Boston Globe:
Bernard H. Brown

Of Worcester, a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and Vice-President of Student Affairs at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, passed away on Monday, July 12, 2004. He is survived by his wife Gayle, son Matthew, daughters Tara and Jody, grandson Trey, brother Kenneth, sisters Marcia and Sheila, as well as several nieces and nephews. A graveside service will be held at Sharon Memorial Park, Sharon, on Wednesday, July 14 at 10:45 AM. Contributions may be given to benefit the Brown Family Endowment Fund to support the WPI Crew Program. Donations should be sent to: Janet Richardson, c/o Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609. A Memorial Service will be held; time and place to be determined. Levine Chapels, Brookline 617-277-8300
Published in the Boston Globe on 7/14/2004.
Brown, Bernard Harold (I293)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Crooks, Martha Jane (I670)
40 He arrived in the US, in New York, NY on 8 Dec 1907. Wolk, Philip (I52)
41 Herbert lived in Queens and married Nancy (she had red hair). They had a daughter name Myra who married Bob Goldberg and lives in Florida. Herbert and Nancy also had a daughter Wilma, who also lives in Florida.

Per Death certificate no. 156-74- 402008: Also known as Herber Israel Kramer. Address was 178-03 120th Ave, St. Albans, Queens, NY
SSN# 063-16-9459

Per Irwin Berly, Herbert had a bookstore on the NY side, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.The Kramers have a family plot at Wellwood Cemetery, PO Box 340, Farmingdale NY 11735 according to Eugene Ash.

Per SS5 Form: Herbert Israel Kramer lived at 178-03 120th Ave, St. Albans, NY. He worked at Joe's Magazine Mart, located at 6 Beekman Street, NYC. He completed the SS5 form on January 19, 1939, when he was 39 years old (DOB on form: April 25, 1899). Father: William Kramer, Mother: Ida Unknown - crossed out are the words: Kramer Danow).

Note: 6 Beekman Street, where Herbert Kramer worked or owned the Joe's Magazine Mart, is at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Kramer, Herbert Israel (I236)
42 His real birthday is September 18, 1922, but the mistake on his paperwork was made at the displace person's camp in Italy. (source: Maelyn Norma Sigal Arvedon) Sigal, Samuel (I138)
43 Ida Berly married a person named Kramer in Russia who died when she was around 21. He was in the lumber business and may have died in a horse and cart accident. They had two children, Olive and Herbert Kramer. The three of them came to America and lived for a while with Louis Berly and his family. Ida then married Abraham Danow, a widower with 4 children. Two of the boys stayed with the new family - Robert Danow and William Danow. Robert married Alice Schofield. She converted to the Judaism and they had a child named Sidney Danow. Robert Danow died of the flu in the influenza epidemic in 1917 when Sidney was 6 months old. (Nesta was about 11 years older than Sidney) Alice, his mother died when Sidney was around 11 and he was at the Hebrew Orphanage on Amsterdam Ave. He was a wild kid. Sidney connected with Nesta when Nesta was working. Sidney went on to marry and have 3 children, was in the Battle of the Bulge. His three children: Alice, Bobby, and Bonnie:
Alice married an Italian named George Luchento, Bobby died at the age of 25, and Bonnie married ,had 2 girls and lives in Summerville, New Jersey as Bonnie Dolan (8/10/96)
The older brother, William Danow left the house and no information is known about him. Place of birth assumed by MZ to be the same as for her brothers William and Louis Berly. Birth date calculated from death certificate which stated she was 53 when she died on December 28, 1928.

Death Certificate #9846, Dept of Health of the City of New York
Berly, Ida (I87)
44 In 1921, Barney was a student living at 1 Henderson Place in Cambridge, MA when he declared his intent to become a U.S. citizen. Birthplace taken from INS documents completed by Barney on his citizenship application forms.
Zarakov, Barney (I7)
45 Information provided by their son, Rabbi Edward Goldstein Family F63
46 Interview with Nesta (Danow) Feldman (Nesta Feldman, 136 West 75th Street, New York, New York 10023) by Milo Zarakov, May 28, 1999. Transcript held in 2001 by Milo Zarakov (391 Crest Avenue, Alamo, CA 94507)

Interview took place at Nesta (Danow) Feldman's flat at the above address in New York.

Nesta: Your great grandfather William Berly was very handsome.

Milo: Some say he had red hair.

Nesta: I remember it as blond.

Milo: What kind of business did he have?

Nesta: I don't know, I think he had a job as a clothes presser. Not everybody went into business. His brother Louis was in business, he had a candy store. And Velvel (William Berly) had a job as a clothes presser, I think. I was a kid, I don't remember. He too was a very, I remember I used to go to their (William Berly's) house. We used to call it a vacation. Where'd you go for vacation? You went to your cousins' house for vacation. I'd sleep over, and it would be like Saturday morning and he didn't have to go to work. He and his wife would be in bed and they would take the kids into bed with them. So I slept over and so they took me into bed on Saturday morning, and talking and clowning around and count my ribs. I was so skinny and they'd count my ribs. And they were counting my ribs and I was deeply (couldn't understand). They were wonderfully affectionate with the kids.

Milo: Did you ever know their son Sam, the one who died?

Nesta: Yes. Yes. I loved Sammy. He was a little bit older than me. I said that I was going to marry him. When I grew up I said I was going to marry him. I loved him. I was really terribly heart broken when that happened.

Milo: The story I heard was that he was selling newspapers someplace.

Nesta: You know, the American Myth, the American Dream, that you go sell newspapers and you become rich and you become, so he wanted to sell newspapers, so she (his mother Chaika) let him go sell newspapers. And there were a bunch of Irish kids that got into a fight with him. From now I am thinking that maybe they said that this is their territory or something and they wouldn't let him go on that corner to sell newspapers. Whatever, they got into a fight and somehow they hit a lucky punch just in the solar plexus and knocked him out. If they hadn't been scared and called the police right away, they probably could have revived him. They ran in fear and he died.

Milo: I wrote away for Sam's death certificate because I was curious and it said that he died from asphyxiation from vomitus.

Nesta: That could happen.

Milo: You had a brother and two half siblings, right? You had a brother Peter, a brother Herbert Kramer, who had the bookstore, and

Nesta: A sister Olive.

Milo: Did you all live in the same house?

Nesta: We all lived together, Olive, Herbert, and Peter and I. We were four kids. We didn't know any different that we were half sisters and half brothers. They were my brothers and sisters.

Milo: What did Peter do as far as job?

Nesta: He had a tough time making it. He got jobs here and jobs there. And finally ended up in Florida. Then he got diabetes and I don't know, he tried going into business, but he just didn't make it somehow.

Milo: Did he die in Florida?

Nesta: Yeah.

Milo: Herbert married Nancy and then was Olive. What was she like?

Nesta: Olive, she was very pretty. Sometimes I think that being beautiful is a curse, because it gets you into more trouble than somebody who isn't that pretty, you know. She had bad marriages, one after the other. Then she ended up in Florida. She was supposed to have died from asthma, I don't know.

Milo: Do you know where she died?

Nesta: Somewhere on the west coast of Florida, maybe St. Petersburg

Milo: Do you have any idea what year when?

Nesta: I don't know.

Milo: Did she have kids?

Nesta: No.

Milo: How about your Mom, Ida.

Nesta: My mom had asthma too. My mother had asthma. After WWI, 1917, they had this terrible flu epidemic. Killed more people than were lost in the war. My half brother, Robert, he got the flu and my mother went over to nurse him and he died in a few days.

Milo: This is Robert?

Nesta: Yes.

Milo: I didn't know there was a Robert.

Nesta: Yes, there was a Robert and a William who did not live with us. See they were my father's children, but they didn't live with us when I lived on Long Island. Maybe they did live with us for a short time. I don't remember. They might have lived with us. Yes, I'm pretty sure they did. Because my father had four children from his previous marriage. Two girls and two boys. The girl's stayed with their aunt, their mother's sister. And the boys lived with us. They were much older. They were like in their teens, I was a little baby, maybe four or five years old. So they got older and they got jobs and they left.

And Bob (Robert) he got a job and he kept in touch. And then when he got married, he married a non-Jewish girl, Alice, and my father, with his background from Lithuania, he was going to say Shiva for him and write him off as dead. And my mother talked to him and talked to him and after a while convinced him between talking to him and whatever, Alice, the wife, said she would become Jewish. She turned Jewish. She went and became Jewish. She went to the (mickveh), which part of the Jewish ritual before you get married, you go to the Mickveh, which is a ritual bath. She kept a kosher home. And then they had a baby, Sidney, and everything was beautiful. And then he (Bob) died of the influenza. Robert left the young woman with a six month old baby. So she struggled. It was very hard for her. She didn't continue being Jewish for much longer. Although Sidney used to go all over Boston saying, "My name is Schlomo, I'm a Jew." Sidney grew up. Alice died from diabetes. That's another story.

Alice went to Florida, also to Florida with Sidney. And she sent Sydney to get the medicine, diabetics, you know. I guess he didn't come back soon enough and she went into a coma and died. He was this 11 year old kid now with no parents. And this thing over his head that he probably … his mother because he didn't come back soon enough. I don't know, I never verbalized that, but I imagine that, that might have occurred in his mind. So my father took Sydney, he (Nesta's father) was living alone here in a little apartment, near me. And he took Sydney and he couldn't manage him. Sydney was a wild kid by then, he was eleven - twelve years old, a wild kid, and my father just didn't know how to manage him. Luckily, some Jewish social workers got interested in the case. There was a very good home, the Jewish Orphan Asylum, on Amsterdam Avenue. Orphan homes have a terrible name, but this one happened to be a very good home for kids, for orphans. I couldn't take him, I was a young woman, I was teaching, I had two kids, and my husband wasn't sympathetic to this. So it would have been impossible for me. So they put him in this home and he used to come to me on weekends and vacations. Summer vacations and weekends and things like that, that I could manage. So I kept close ties with Sydney. And Sydney fought in World War II. He was in one of those battalions that went over to Europe and was in one of the offensives there. He really had a very good career in the Army. He looked like his mother, with blue eyes and blond hair and so when he told them he was Jewish, he wanted "H" on his tag, they didn't believe him and they wrote to me to verify. (laughs). Anyway, he came back and got married. And he had kids, in New Jersey. And I kept in touch with him all along. We were very close, really. When he was born, I thought of him as my baby. I would take care of him and wheel him in his carriage and take good care of him. And then when his father died, and his mother's mother was living in Dorchester, she was a Christian Scientist. She was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and in those days they just called it rheumatism. She walked with two canes, she was crippled. And she tried to take care of him so that Alice could go to work. I used to come over and help her after school…take care of Sidney. Saturdays and Sundays I was there all the time. He was a devilish kid you know. She had a cane you know and she'd call him and he wouldn't come she'd take the cane and grab him by the leg and pull him with the cane (laughs). It was funny, I remember that. But I was very close to him, even when he was growing up and when he was a baby. He had a tough break. And then I took a trip, I was teaching, by that time I got divorced and I went on a trip to Europe someplace, and while I was away, he died of a heart attack. A sudden heart attack. I was so… He was such a wonderful guy. So that's my nephew Sydney. And his children, one died and there were two children left.

Milo: What can you tell me about Zlotta (Mother of Ida Kramer, Louis Berly, and William Berly)?

Neste: That was my grandmother, William (Berly)'s mother and my mother's mother. She lived with us in Boston when I was kid. I was born and brought up in Boston. She (Zlotta) must have had asthma or bad bronchitis. She was always coughing and spitting up. That's all I remember. She was very nice, but had this constant coughing. My Barbara was named after her. I also have asthma and use inhalers.

Danow, Nesta (I240)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Berly, Paulina (I99)

Date: Friday, August 5, 1988
Section: OBITUARY Page: 50 (Boston Globe)

Isadore Zarakov, founder and for 43 years the director of Camp Zakelo, a summer camp for boys in Maine, died July 18 in Miriam Hospital, Providence.
He was 84.

He opened the camp in southern Maine at the northern end of Long Lake in 1928, a year after his graduation ended one of the most distinguished and
versatile undergraduate athletic careers before or since at Harvard College.

Mr. Zarakov, with help from his wife, Lillian (Silverman), created a heady environment every summer for 125 boys aged 6 to 15.Besides the usual assortment of activities on land and water, boys under Mr. Zarakov's tutelage could choose to spend most of their time playing in an orchestra, working on a newspaper, producing plays in a theater, learning astronomy, racing in
four-man and eight-man sculls or learning French or Spanish. But the director required each youngster to sample every offering.

The songwriter Burt Bacharach is said to have composed "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head" at Zakelo the summer he was 8. His cabin, like most others, leaked. The holes, Mrs. Zarakov recalled, were caused by the spikes on the boots of workmen who cleared snow off the roofs in winter. A heart attack and bypass surgery in 1971 prompted him to sell the property. The Zarakovs lived in Brookline until moving to Providence a few years ago to be near their daughter. Mr. Zarakov was born in Boston and prepared for Harvard at Cambridge Latin School and Phillips Exeter Academy. In 1925 and 1926 at Harvard he won the coveted Wendell Bat, given each year to the baseball player making the greatest overall offensive contribution. And in the game against Yale in 1927, the slugging third baseman came to bat with two outs in the last
of the ninth with a man on first and the Elis leading, 5-4. He hit a prodigious home run to put the Crimson on top, 6-5.

Mr. Zarakov was also the starting left wing on Harvard's hockey team and a reserve halfback on the football team. He received three letters in baseball, three in hockey and two in football. During the 43 years Camp Zakelo was open, its founder spent the off season as a self-employed consultant, helping youths and adults find the schools, colleges and jobs of their liking. Besides his wife, Mr. Zarakov leaves a daughter, Dr. Lillian Mason of Providence; a brother, Barney of Yucca Valley, Calif., and two granddaughters.
Zarakov, Isadore (I25)
49 Jacob was a driver for the newspaper industry.

Address at time of death: 41 Bowdoin St., Suffolk County, Winthrop, MA 
Houdash, Jacob (I334)
50 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kaitz, Jane (I127)

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